Introducing the RUBIRelief Wallet

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Empowerment Through Transparency

At RUBIRelief, our commitment to transparency is the cornerstone of the meaningful impact we strive to create within the communities we cherish and serve. Our RUBIRelief Wallet is a testament to this belief, offering clear insights into the generosity of our members and the direct benefits reaped by those in need.

See the Difference Your Contributions Make

Every donation to RUBIRelief fuels a mission of mobility, granting safe, trusted, and reliable rides to children, young adults, seniors, and veterans. The RubiRelief Wallet on our platform allows you to witness the growth of communal support in real time. It’s not just a balance; it’s a beacon of hope that brightens with every contribution.

Track the Journey of Every Dollar

As funds are gathered, you will see the collective pool of donations, symbolizing the readiness to assist. As those funds transform into journeys for our riders, you will see the balance utilized, illustrating the tangible difference your donations make. Each ride provided by the fund correlates with a rise in opportunity: a ride given, a job interview attended, or a medical appointment made accessible.

Accountability Meets Action

The RUBIRelief Wallet doesn't just show numbers; it narrates stories of empowerment and community action. It's a place where accountability meets compassion, and every Rubi member can take part in a collective journey toward inclusive support and assistance.

Join Us on This Ride

Be part of a movement where you can see your contributions drive change. Witness the impact, see the change, and ride with us on a journey that redefines assistance. Because at RUBIRelief, we don’t just provide rides—we create pathways to possibilities.
RUBI is a Premier Transportation Platform that helps busy families get their loved ones from point A to B safe and sound with our network of vetted and dedicated drivers.

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